All of the Best Slot Sites

On any of the slot sites out there, casino and reel based games are amongst the most popular and make up for the largest offering of titles at all online casinos. In fact, some players prefer playing at slot sites that cater to slot players without offering other types of casino games.

Slot Sites

No matter what type of site players do choose, they will be able to find a great array of slot games developed by some of the best providers in the gaming industry.

Online slot sites have become very popular and the games that are offered are able to provide some impressive payouts and endless entertainment.

So with that said we’ve produced a comprehensive guide to learning about slot sites, how and when to play as well as finding out how to sign up to your favourite. We ended up writing a lot of content(!) so here’s a quick table of contents (pro tip: click the link on any of the numbers to jump straight to that section).

With an array of game formats and some great betting options, online slot sites can cater to any type of player. The games can all be accessed for different bet amounts, so those that are low, mid and high rollers can all enjoy the variety of titles that are featured.

Online slots work just like their counterparts in land casinos. The games are controlled by a Random Number Generator that yields the result of the game, making them games of chance.

There is no way for any player to alter the outcome of any slot game, so there are no betting strategies that can be used to increase the chances of winning.

With online slot sites, players will have a large selection of games and each will provide access to various game features.

With the growing popularity of video slots, these have become the most played games in any casino, so players can expect most of the games to be of this format.

Man playing at an online slot site

New Games Added Regularly

The best online slot sites will always be adding new game titles to offer a more exciting gaming experience. The great thing about playing slots online is the ability to preview some of the games in a free play mode.

This is a great opportunity for those that are new to gambling online or for those that just wish to see what a game has to offer before they commit to placing any real money wager.

With the best online slot sites, players will have access to leading game titles, many of which are also featured at land casinos around the world. There are amazing software developers that create slot games on a regular basis, so players will never have a shortage of selections when they are looking for slot action.

Playing Slots Online

Playing online slots is very simple and the games are played just like they are in a land casino. Players will just choose a casino site and register an account if they are looking to play real money games.

There are also sites that offer casual games, where there is no real money betting involved.

These games are played for free only, but can still offer great slot entertainment. Once players choose a site and decide whether they are playing for free or for real money, they will be able to access the game and all the amazing features.

Each online slot game will have a different theme and will come with different features. The video slots that are found in today’s casinos are loaded with features that provide players with endless action.

After players take time to compare games and make a final selection, they will choose a bet amount by selecting a coin denomination. They will then choose the number of paylines if they are playing a multi-line game and once all of this is done, they will simply click on Spin.

The reels will then spin and any winning combinations will automatically be determined and win amounts will be added to the balance.

Slot game online

Play anywhere, anytime

There are amazing benefits to playing at slot sites and players from around the world can easily access these sites to enjoy hundreds of slot games from leading software providers in the industry.

One of the main benefits to playing at an online site is the offering of games.

Players will find a much larger selection of slots than they would in a land casino.

Since online casinos have no physical space restriction, they are able to offer a larger assortment of game titles, so there are literally hundreds of options when visiting an online slot site.

Another amazing benefit is the payouts of online slots. These games actually offer better rewards than games that are played in a land casino setting. Online casinos do not have the large overhead costs as a land casino, so they are able to offer more in return to players who place real money wagers.

At the most trusted slot sites, the games are tested on a routine basis. During an independent audit, each title is tested for fairness and to ensure the proper functioning of the RNG.

The auditing process will also verify the payout percentages, which are helpful when choosing games that offer the best chances to generate returns.

Online Casino Rewards

When players choose to play at an online slot site, they will also be able to take advantage of player incentives that may not be offered at land casinos.

Online casino sites always have rewards that can be earned and the excitement often starts with a welcome bonus. This is a match bonus, where a percentage of the original deposit amount is awarded as bonus money.

In addition to the free cash, many online casinos will offer free spins on select slot games, so this is another way to instantly get in on the action and start winning from some of the best games online. The leading slot sites will also offer ongoing bonuses and promotions.

These can provide the chance to get free cash in the account and collect free spins that can be used on various games.

There are amazing benefits offered to anyone who chooses to play slots online and after a few spins, players will quickly see why playing online is a far superior option than traveling to a local land casino and having a limited selection of games.

Types of Online Slots

When players choose an online slot site, they will come across a variety of game formats. Most of the operating sites will focus on the offering of slot games, so players will always have a large selection. There are three types of games that one can enjoy at slot sites.

The first is a standard slot game, known as a classic or traditional slot.

This is a Vegas style game where players will have three reels of play. These games tend to offer a single payline, but there are some classic slots that have up to 5 paylines that can be used. This type of slot is the most basic form of the game and they usually do not have many added features.

Some traditional slot games will have a wild or a scatter, but they are very basic in nature and only use a few symbols on the reels.

These games are best for beginners or those that have a smaller bankroll. Some experienced players will prefer the retro feel of these games over newer slot games.

Traditional slots may not be loaded with intense action like other games, but they do still offer great ways to win and a nice way to enjoy a Vegas experience.

Video Slots

The most popular type of slot that players will find online is the video slot game.

This is a fast paced and action packed game that is often played on five reels, though some of the newer games will have even more reels. The games offer multiple paylines, where players can bet on 9 to 100 lines.

The latest releases have eliminated the use of paylines and offer ways to win structures. With these games, players will not be restricted to getting symbols on specific paylines.

Instead, wins can be collected by getting the same icon on adjacent reels, increasing the number of ways one can create combinations.

Video slot games are usually themed games and make use of bold and vivid graphics. There are many video slots that are created in 3D, offering an amazing visual presentation with animations and superb effects.

Man playing slots online

The thing that makes video slots so appealing to players is the offering of bonus rounds and special features. Just about every video slot game will have a wild and a scatter and they almost all have at least one bonus feature.

The most popular type of bonus round on a slot game is a free spin round, but players can also benefit from second screen bonuses, where they can enjoy Pick Me style games or a Wheel of Fortune game.

Bonus rounds enhance game play and offer more chances to win, so players will often choose video slots that have more than one bonus feature so they can enjoy added excitement and more payouts.

Progressive Slots

The final type of game that can be found at slot sites is a progressive slot. This can be a traditional or a video style game and it will be linked to a progressive jackpot that is local or networked. Local jackpots are usually smaller in size.

With progressive games, players do have to be aware of the betting requirements. Many games will require a maximum bet for players to be eligible, so these games can cost more to play.

Also, progressive slots tend to have smaller base pay win amounts, so they are not always the best choice. Since slots are enjoyed by players with different budgets, some of the leading developers have created random progressive games.

These games can be enjoyed by low rollers and there is never a maximum bet required. The jackpot can be won at random following any real money spin on the game, so these have become quite popular with casual gamers.

With random progressive games, there are usually multiple jackpots hat can be won, offering a range of small to large payouts, so one will never know how much they can win or when they will be that lucky jackpot winner.

Real Money or Free Play

As mentioned, one of the great benefits of playing at a slot site is the ability to play for free and for real money. Free slot games may not offer monetary rewards, but they can be beneficial, especially to new players who are just learning how online slots work.

Slot site online

With free games, players will have access to all the same game features and will be able to take all the time they need to become familiar with game symbols, paylines, the pay table and the special features that are offered.

Once players are comfortable with the game, they can start to place real money bets at any time if they have created a casino account. It is not required for players to become members of a slot site to access free games, but if they wish to play for cash, they will have to have a valid and funded account.

Added Benefits

With a funded account, players can access any of the games that are supported at slot sites and can play those for real money payouts.

Slots are the easiest games to play online and they do not have specific rules to follow or strategies to learn. Any player can start spinning the reels and have the same chances as winning as any other player.

With real money slots, players will begin by choosing a bet amount by selecting on of the supported coin denominations. Online slots offer multiple bet amounts, so players with all sized budgets can enjoy the same game titles.

One will then choose their paylines and start spinning. With real money games, it is possible to generate some amazing payouts, but players have to choose their games wisely.

Not all slots will offer good chances to win.

In fact, players should take time to compare the verified payout rates to find those games that will offer frequent chances to collect payouts.

Even though every return will not be a large one, every win will help to extend the playing session, which can lead to more wins.

As a real money player, there will be added benefits.

Players will be able to redeem any of the bonus offers that are presented at the slot sites and there is usually a loyalty program in place as well.

Each and every wager that is placed on a game will earn points and these can be collected and later redeemed for free cash to use on games.

There will also be the chance to enter slot tournaments, which can be very enjoyable. With these events, registered real money players will compete with others to climb a leaderboard and take home large parts of prize pools.

There are different types of slot tournaments that can be enjoyed online, some being free to enter and others having small buy in amounts.

Test Games for Free

Playing free games is a great way to get started and may suit casual gamblers, but those who are looking to become true winners will have to place real money bets.

As with any form of gambling, there is always a risk when betting, but with slots, players can control bet amounts so they can maintain a budget and always be in control of their spending.

These games may not offer the best odds in a casino setting, but there are some slots that can provide some impressive base game and bonus winnings.

Not to mention the progressive jackpots that are offered. Many leading software developers offer progressive slot games that can offer millions from a single spin!

Choosing Slot Games

When players enter an online casino, or visit slot sites, they will be impressed with the offering of games.

There are some sites that have over 500 slot titles that can be accessed, so it may be hard for players to decide which games are best to play.

Slots are games of chance, so there is no way for players to change what will happen with every spin, but there are things that need to be considered when choosing games.

For those that are playing for real money, the cost of the game is most important. One will want to make sure they can afford to play the game long enough to generate profits, so they need to know the minimum and maximum bet amounts that are supported and make sure those fit into their budget.

When playing a slot game that has multiple paylines, it is suggested to always cover all lines. If players cannot afford to place this wager, they should find a game that has fewer paylines or they can lower the bet amount by selecting a smaller coin denomination.

When playing video slots, take time to compare the game features and try to choose a game that has multiple bonus rounds.

Slot sites online

These rounds are where most of the game payouts will be collected, so having the chance to trigger different rounds will be beneficial in the long run.

The slot should also have decent base game payouts. If the payouts are very low, choose a different game. One way to select the best paying slot game is to look at the RTP.

It is suggested that the best slots come with an RTP of 97% or higher. While these are not overly common, they can be found and will offer more chances to win.

The average slot game will have an RTP of 95% to 96%, but there are quite a few that have higher percentages.

Slot Sites Online

Choosing a slot game is about personal preference and not every player will enjoy the same game. Some will prefer the simplicity of a three reel slot while others will want the added excitement video slots have to offer.

No matter what type of game players are seeking, they need to make sure the game is affordable and that it offers decent rewards and god chances at collecting payouts. There is no way to change how slot games pay, so every game will offer the same chances at winning.

It all comes down to the theme of the game, features and the cost. Some players will not even pay mind to the pay table and will simply chose game because it is visually appealing.

This is fine for the casual gamer, but for those that are looking to generate profits, the selection process is much more important.

With slot sites, players will have a huge array of games and there are always new titles being released, offering new and exciting game features that enhance the slot experience.

Slot games may not be the best paying games in a casino setting, but they do remain the most accessed, which is why may sites offer hundreds of games to choose from, each providing players with unique features and something that is appealing.

With various betting options and endless choices, finding a slot game will not be difficult. The difficulties will lie in choosing the right game to suit the needs of individual players based on budgets, win expectations and experience levels.

How to Register on Slot Sites

Here are a couple of quick guides on how to register at slot sites like Casumo and 7Red. We really hope you find these useful!