Mega Joker slot


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Try something different with the Mega Joker slot

There are many great slots out there, however, often they can feel very similar. The themes, the bonuses, the payouts, they can all blend into one. Finding a slot that stands out and is unique can be very difficult – but when you play the Mega Joker slot you can be sure that you’re playing a memorable slot.

Produced by Net Entertainment they have deservedly earned their reputation for producing some of the most inventive and innovative games around. Mega Joker is no different. In our review we’ll give you the lowdown, all the features that you can look forward to, and the big bonuses. All of which combine to make Mega Joker a fantastic game.

What makes the Mega Joker slot so different?

We’ve talked about the Mega Joker slot being a unique slot and that is evident from various factors, including the reels and paylines. Unlike most other slots it boasts only three reels and five paylines. Initially, you may not think much of that, with alternative games offering up to hundreds of paylines – but they hold the common misconception that more paylines means more frequent payouts. However, it actually works through the return to player (RTP) percentage and Mega Joker’s ranges up to an astonishing 99 percent. The RTP refers to the likelihood of a pay out, so clearly the higher the better. To put that in perspective, you can expect the RTP of most games to be around 90-95 percent, demonstrating why Mega Joker is significantly better.

Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the low number of paylines, because if anything it’s advantageous in promoting a simpler approach. The simplicity is a strong aspect of the entire slot, and the fact you know how each payline is won will avoid any confusion and make playing the game easy. The simplicity is also reflected in the layout and appearance of the slot, which will immediately remind players of old-school fruity machines. All the functions of the game are found at the bottom of the slot, much like those machines, with ‘Bet’, ‘Max Bet’ and ‘Spin’ options, which are all self-explanatory.

Pressing the bet button will alter the value of the bet, so if you’re not happy with the initial stake, that’s how you change it. As well as that, there are buttons to the right-hand side of the slot which change the coin value. Again, you select the value of the coins to choose the size of your bet, which range from one to 20.

For those of you on a budget, the minimum bet can be as low as €1, whereas the highest bet can be up to €10. That ensures a lot of freedom for players, allowing you to stick to a stake that suits your budget. Although the minimum bet doesn’t allow you to play for a few cents as some might wish, there is enough scope to attract all sorts of players. Another difference comes via the paytable. While on most other slots you will open a table that details the worth of every symbol and what sort of payout you can look forward to for combinations, Mega Joker slot doesn’t. Instead, you can find all this information on the slot itself! Surrounding the reels and printed on the machine are all the details you need. Whether it’s three cherries or three oranges, it’s easy to see what each combination on symbols will pay you. Once you’ve selected your stake and understood the paylines, the thrill and the excitement of the game awaits, and Mega Joker is no different to any other slot in that sense.

It’s easy on the eye

The unusual design that we’ve mentioned whereby the winning values are printed on the machine might leave you skeptical about the overall appearance of the slot – but it shouldn’t. Surprisingly it works well and everything is easy to read – which is important. Mega Joker slot also adds different colours and symbols to make everything that little bit more noticeable. That layout, along with the random bright flashing lights, reinforces the traditional fruity feeling.

Following that, the symbols are also classics. With cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes and the number seven among those on offer, there will be a real vintage feel to this. Of course, the highest value symbol comes in the form of the joker though! The coin value and the value of your bet are also clear to see in the middle of the screen. On top of that, you’ll also enjoy some a variety of cool sound effects after you hit spin – every single time. All in all, Mega Joker is a slot that’s easy on the eye and further enhances your gaming experience.

Slot info

Software provider


Game Features

Progressive Jackpot
Min coins per line1
Max coins per line10
Min coins size0.1
Max coin size1
Return to player99%

“An easy approach, traditional images and a massive progressive jackpot. ”

Land the Big Bonuses in Mega Joker Slot

Now, the part that most players look forward too! While the unique design and the different colours make the slot appeal, the main priority for many is the ways you can win. Thankfully, there’s a lot to enjoy when you play Mega Joker, including the progressive jackpot that can see you land some big prizes.

The regular prizes offer another different take to other games and a lot will depend on how brave you feel as a player. Firstly, you will notice that there are a set of reels along the bottom, and a set of reels at the top of the machine. Both will play a part in securing your prizes and it kind of makes playing Mega Joker feel like two slots in one.

The ‘Supermeter’ Level

Initially you will play the first round of the game on the bottom reels and as with every other slot, your wins will be determined by the combinations that you land, from the paylines. Once you win, you will receive a certain amount of cash, and that’s where your decisions will come into it. Players are entitled to just collect each win – however they can also add it to their credits and use it to progress further up the machine and play on the top reels, known as the ‘supermeter’ level. Should you do that, the prizes will increase along the way, but is it a risk worth taking? That’s because, once your spins run out, they’re gone. There’s no consolation or fall back prize, so it really is a big decision for any player to make.

Again, once you land a win on the top reels, you don’t have to stop, and the more you play, the bigger the potential reward will be. This may sound complicated, but be assured, once you play the feature you’ll realise it’s straightforward and entirely up to you whether you collect. When you are ready to collect – and it can be wise to cash in at times – then simply hit the collect button which is also located along the bottom of the reels. This will deposit all of your winnings into the game account and you can get ready for the next spin.

Even though that feature can see some big prizes and money given to players, it’s not the main bonus available to player. This comes in the form of the Mega Joker’s jackpot. Clearly this is the standout aspect of the slot and it provides you the chance of landing the huge win from one spin. In total, you could win 2,000x your stake.

There’s No Set Way to Win in the Mega Joker Slot

To make things even better, there’s no set way to win. You don’t have to progress through the levels, or land scatter symbols like you might have to on other games. Instead, you can keep your fingers crossed from the outset, because incredibly this jackpot can land on any given spin: there’s hope for everyone! Although, it is worth pointing out that the bigger your initial stake, the higher the probability you have of landing the jackpot. Ultimately, the range of qualities of Mega Joker has ensures it appeal to all types of players. Those of you on a budget can be drawn in by the low minimum stakes, whereas high rollers will be enticed by the chance to really gamble and secure the big wins. And, what will certainly appeal to everyone is the prospect of leaving with the big jackpot.

Yet, prizes are common with all slots, so the layout and simplicity is another strong feature of the Mega Joker slot game. The chance to play on a classic British style fruit machine is unique and the ease at which you can play means there’s no confusion when you start spinning. So, what are you waiting for? There’s many slots out there and they can seem similar, so now it’s time to try something new.

Mega Joker slot
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An easy approach, traditional images and a massive progressive jackpot. Net Entertainment have managed to bring all the features we love about the slots together with Mega Joker, now all you must do is go and play!

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