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This site complies with the European legislation and always adheres to the specific EU Data Protection and Electronic Communication laws.

Cookies are small text files that are transmitted through the web browser when the site is visited. These cookies are used for navigation purposes at this site and to offer players the best possible service and gaming experience. They allow pages to load quickly and will help to deliver personalised content. There are permanent cookies that are used that will register the Username at the site, but the password for the account is never stored.

Analytic cookies are also used to measure how often the site is being accessed and how you as player reacts to the products that are proposed. The collected data through cookies will allow the site to improve the overall navigation experience and will always remain completely anonymous.


Functional and Advertising cookies are also used. Functional cookies will allow the site to personalise the gaming experience and can make sure that every player is always informed of special promotional offers. The advertising cookies will be used to show ads that may be related to player interests.

When conducting any real money transaction at the site, cookies will be used and data will be collected pertaining to the device that is being used to access the site. This information is used to offer additional levels of protection and to ensure the security of all transactions. The site will never use cookies for any other reason and will always safeguard personal and financial information to ensure the safest possible gaming experience with each and every visit.

Cookies play an important role in the identification of a device and will provide the casino with information about when players log in to their account. The information collected will not be sold or traded and will only be used to enhance site performance and offer players the personalised experience they seek from a top rated online casino.