Online and Live Dealer Craps Games

Craps attracts the attention of many players, most of those who are viewing the action of the game. It is not uncommon for these gaming tables to have large crowds gather in a land casino setting. Online craps games follow the same rules and offer the ability to play at any time without having to travel to a land casino and fight the crowds at the tables.

Any player that has ever enjoyed Craps in a land casino will benefit from playing this game online. Online casinos strive to present players with a replication of the craps table and all the game features. These sites also offer multiple betting options so that every real money player can enjoy the game. One of the main benefits is the offering of free craps games. Since craps can be a bit overwhelming to new players, having the ability to practice before betting is a great advantage to playing online.


Live Craps


 After learning how to place bets and how to use strategies to win, players can engage in real money play online. In addition, some online casinos will also offer bonus deals, where players can collect free cash that can be used on the supported Craps games at the site. This is an advantage over playing at a land casino, where no such bonuses will be offered.

Playing Craps Online for Free and for Real Money

When players find a reliable and licensed online casino, they can create an account and benefit from all of the games that are supported. Online casinos offer the chance to place real money bets. At the craps tables online, many different bet amounts will be supported. One of the great things about playing online is that the table is never full. No matter how many players are actively betting, there is always room, so players can get in on a game at any time instead of waiting as they would in a land casino.

The rules of online craps are the same as in land casinos, so anyone that has played in the past will be ready to jump right in. With online casinos, the result of the roll of the dice will be controlled by a random number generator. The dice are rolled by a computer, so there is no way for any player to alter the outcome. The best online casinos will always test the RNG for fairness to ensure each and every player has the same chances of winning.

Online craps games offer some great features that may not be found in land casinos. Players can see game history, where they can view past bets and outcomes. This can be beneficial for those that believe in betting strategies and wish to track the results of previous games.

Common Craps Strategies

There are many tips and strategies that are used by players who engage in online craps games and these can help increase the chances of winning. Again, since the games are controlled by a random number genitor, there is never a guarantee that players will win, but these tips can enhance the game.

Pass Line Bets are Best

By placing bets on the pass line, players will be in the best possible position for the come out roll. Here, the house edge is low, at 1.41% and the pass line bet will win if the first roll is a 7 or 11. If the roll is a 2, 3 or 12, the bet loses, but any other number will result in a point, which can earn a win if that point number Is rolled before a 7.

Take the Odds Bet

It is possible to place a free odds bet after a point has been established. This is one of the best bets that can be made in the game and there is zero house edge. This betting strategy is the most used by players and at some online sites, it will be possible to place a bet that is double the amount of the pass line bet. When possible, always place higher free odds bets and a lower pass line bet.

Make Use of Come Bets

After a point is established, players can place a Come Bet. This will bet that the next roll will become a come-out roll. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, the bet will win, but will lose on 2, 3 or 12. The come bet will be beneficial in winning if the dice reveal a point.

Avoid Proposition Bets

This is one of the key factors to maintaining a bankroll and avoid unnecessary losses. Placing a proposition bet is one of the worst betting strategies in the game and the best are often settled after just one roll. In addition, the house edge is much higher, so it is best to always avoid these bets.

Live craps online

Craps Bonus Offers Online

Many of the leading online casinos that cater to craps players will offer special bonuses that can present the chance to get free casino cash and credits. Craps bonuses are not as common as other bonuses, so players will have to search for these. They are often combined with table card bonus offers. However, even these bonuses may restrict certain games from being played, so it is essential to read the terms and conditions to see whether the bonus funds can be used on the craps game at the site.

If players have been able to find an online casino that also features a live version of craps, they may be able to get a live dealer bonus, where they can earn free money after making a deposit to use on the craps game. Regardless of the bonus type offered, online casinos will have wagering requirements that must be met before withdrawals can be processed, so players need to learn these terms before they redeem any casino bonus.

Bonuses that are strictly for craps are hard to come by, so players will have to watch for table game bonuses or bonuses for live dealer games. When a bonus is found, it will require players to be a real money player, so they must fund their account and be ready to engage in real money play when they access the craps game that is featured.

Live Craps

Live Dealer Craps Games

To enhance the online craps experience, some of the leading software developers have worked to create live dealer versions of this game. When playing a live version, the game is much more realistic and players can benefit from the social interaction, which lacks with standard online games. Live dealer craps games are streamed from live locations where a professional croupier presents the game. Here, there is no random number generator is used. The dice used are real and while the players cannot actually feel the dice in their hand, they do have more control over the game. Live dealer craps takes players to a whole new level of online gambling and offers an extraordinary experience.

Unfortunately, due to the higher cost to operate and maintain live dealer games, most live dealer craps games online must be played for real money. This is why it is important for players to know the rules and betting options before they start to play. 

Unfortunately, live dealer craps is not a common find at online casinos. Most providers focus on the offering of blackjack, roulette, poker games and sic bo. However, there is at least one provider that does offer live Craps and that is VivoGaming. If players are interested in playing realtime craps online, they should check out the live version from this provider.

Benefits of Playing Live Dealer Games

For many years, players who wished to gamble online had to deal with computerized games, many of which were far from being realistic. However, as technology enhanced and more options became available, providers worked to develop games that replicate what one would find if they were to visit their local and casino. Now, the craps games that are featured online are quite realistic and even have sound effects that are just like those at a real game.

The best way to enjoy craps online is with a live dealer game, which is always played in real time and has a limit on the number of active players. These games are streamed live and use the most professional croupiers. Players will have the ability to see all live action instead of a computerized game and they can also have the ability to chat with others at the table. This offers a social aspect that is lacking with most online games and players can even pick up useful tips from other that have experience with the game.

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