About us

So who are we?

James Young & Tyler Randall, two casino lovers! We’ve been chasing jackpots together since childhood, way before we were even allowed to play any casino games. The sound effects and thrills obtained through slot machines was something that really got us started as we already were playing computer games 24/7. We went to the same school, went to the same classes and listened to the same music throughout the 90’s, but James is more into electronic music nowadays while Tyler prefer instrumental jazz. Apart from that, we’re exactly the same and our favorite game is Jack and the Beanstalk.

Why do we write casino reviews?

We are two guys who come from different, yet very recognized brands. We have been working in customer service teams and in the affiliate teams when we noticed the amount of incorrect information out there. We have spent countless of hours defending our companies towards players who had been given bad info from a third party affiliate. As a result, Casingdom was created as a source of clarity. Most affiliate sites are usually run by lazy people who are happy to remain as middlemen throughout their lives. We write casino and slot reviews for the sake of the truth. We are very passionate about what we do and we’re honestly tired of all the misunderstandings and negative energy that we’ve had to experience due to incorrect information.

Where to play?

That’s what we’re here for. We have been playing on most online casino sites and learned the pros and cons about them. Some sites focus on quantity and others on quality, some put all of their focus on service levels for payments and there’s also those who allow players to play anonymously without having to actually create an account. The times are changing said Dylan in the year of 1964 and won the Nobel prize roughly 50 years later. We have listed all the major gambling operators and given them an honest rating based on Games Offered, Bonuses and Usability.

Which games are best?

That’s a good question with a subjective answer! But, there are ways to “measure” the quality of a slot machines by adding up all its different features such as free spins, bonus rounds, sticky wilds, multiplying wilds, multipliers, scatters, and so on… We have listed all the features for each slot review, allowing you to browse our selection of games by various slot features. You’ll be able to read up on each slot machine as well as play it for free through every slot review that we’ve provided. Good luck and have fun!

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