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The best casino online will cater to a wide array of players and will always be offering the latest and greatest game release from some of the best providers in the industry. While not every player will agree on what casino site is actually the best, there are sites that will meet the needs of any type of player. Casual gamblers will enjoy classic casino games while the more experienced and players can benefit from game variations and tournaments. The best casinos online are always licensed and regulated to offer players a safe experience with each and every visit. If a casino is not licensed, it should always be avoided as this is a red flag that the site may be rogue. Playing at sites that are not recognized, trusted or licensed may lead to problems, including the site not paying out winnings or not offering secure processing of transactions.

Best Casino Online

Benefits of Playing Online

There are many benefits to playing online casino games and when choosing sites, there are different things that players will want to watch for. Again, these things may not apply to all players as each will have different desires when they are choosing a site to play games for real money. In short, the best casinos online should offer a large assortment of games that are easy to access, 24-hour support services, a license from a recognized jurisdiction and some great rewards for those that are loyal to the site.

Online gambling can be a fun and thrilling experience and it can also be one that can lead to some major winnings. When playing games for real money online, players need to be sure their sensitive data will always be protected and that the casino will not share their information with any third party. The level of security that a casino site has to offer is one of the main things that make a casino trustworthy or one that should be avoided, so players need to make sure they completely understand the measures of safety that are taken by a site before they commit to being a real money player.

Why Play at Online Casinos

Many players who are new to gambling online will be wondering why they should play at these sites instead of visiting their local land casino. There are many great benefits that are offered to online players that will never be experienced in a land casino setting. By learning about these differences, players quickly see why they will benefit from being an online player at the best casinos online.

The first benefit is the convenience. Online casinos are never closed and they can be accessed from any location as long as players have an internet connection. One will never have to travel to a land casino to play their favorite games and they will also not have to have access to cash. At online casinos, all payments are conducted electronically, making it easy for players to manage an account, create and maintain a budget and conduct fast withdrawals.

Larger Selection of Games

Another top reason to choose an online casino is the larger selection of games. Land casinos are restricted in terms of physical space, so they can only offer a certain number of games. These restrictions do not apply to an online casino. At the best casinos online, players will find hundreds of games. Many of these are slot games and there are some sites that host more than 500 game titles. There are also many more table game options. Online casinos are home to all the casino classics and they will also have many game variations. These games can all be played for various bet amounts that cater to low, mid and high rollers.

Online casinos have low operating costs compared to their land counterparts. This means they is more money to be given back to the players. The majority of online casinos that are operating will be independently audited. This ensured that proper function of all games and will also verify payout percentages of every game that is supported. With online casinos, players will find games that can have an RTP of 99%, though may average between 95% and 98%. 

The Best Casinos Online

How to Access the Best Casinos Online

Accessing a casino site is not difficult and it can be done with any internet connection. There are some restrictions that are based on the physical location of the player. Some countries have laws that prevent online gambling and there are also some software companies that will restrict access for players from certain locations. Before choosing an online casino, players need to be aware of their local gambling laws and also compare casino sites to see which will accept them as a real money player.

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Once a site is chosen, accessing it can be done in different ways. If players are using a PC to access the casino site they will often have two options. The first is to download the casino software that is offered. This will install the software to the computer and provide immediate access to each and every game that is supported. The other option is to play the instant play versions of the game. With these, there is no download required. Those that are using a Mac to play casino games online will be restricted as they cannot perform the software download. There is no software that is compatible, so these players will only have access to instant play sites. Luckily, since new online casinos are using a combination of providers more and more sites are being introduced as instant play casinos, so there are many great selections available.

Access the Casino on Mobile

Another way to access the best casinos online is to use a mobile device. The best casinos sites will always offer mobile platform, which will allow players to access their preferred games on the go. Mobile casinos offer a large assortment of game titles, but not nearly as many as the online casino itself. With mobile sites, all games are offered as instant play and players can use Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows devices. Some sites will have a software download specifically for Android devices, but most sites will provide general access just by visiting the casino through the web browser on the mobile device.

What Games are Offered

As soon as players access an online casino, they will find an impressive selection of games being offered. Online casinos can offer hundreds, even thousands of individual game titles, offering the largest selection possible, far exceeding what one would find at a land casino. The game selections will be based on the software that is being used by the casino. In the past, sites would be powered by a single provider, offering only games from that provider and no others. Now, with the new online casinos emerging, many are making use of multiple software developers to present an instant play opportunity for all players. 

The majority of games that will be found at the best casinos online are slots. There will be a mix of three and five reel games offered. Those that have played in a land casino in the past will be very familiar with the Vegas style slot games, offering three reels of action and as many as 5 paylines. 

The Most Popular Slots

The most popular slots are video slots. These are themed games that are created using impressive animations and graphics. There are even some games that are presented in 3D. With video slots, players will benefit from some great features like wilds and scatters, but the highlight of these games comes from the bonus rounds. Video slots often provide players a way to trigger a free spin bonus round, where wins can quickly add up and often be multiplied. In addition to free spin rounds, video slots can also offer second screen bonuses, providing more opportunities to collect rewards.

Just like land casinos, online casinos will also have an area dedicated to table and card games. Here, players will find all their favorites like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and much more. Most of the games that are offered at online casinos will come in variations, so players can have five or more games of blackjack available, different versions of roulette and many forms of poker.

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A Variety of Game Types

Aside from the offering of slots and table and card games, online casinos also offer a selection of video poker games. When using basic video poker strategy, it is possible to play a game with a 99% RTP or better. Video poker games can be played in a single hand format or a multi-hand format and there are many great options offered.

Online casinos not only offer access to classic and well-known casino games, but they will also have specialty games that can be played for real money payouts. These games provide a great way to continue earning cash while taking a break from traditional casino games. The specialty games will vary per site based on the software offered, but most casinos will provide access to games like Keno, Bingo, lottery style games and even arcade games. 

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The selection of games is always changing as software developers are creating new titles on a regular basis. The best casinos online will offer newly released games. Online casinos continue to provide players with the best offering of game titles, many of which are the same exact games they would find in a land casino. Some of the software providers have been creating land casino games for many years and now feature those same games in an online casino.

Player Rewards and Incentives

As mentioned, one of the main advantages to being a player at an online casino is the offering of bonuses and promotions. Each online casino will have a different array of bonus offers designed to reward those that are loyal to the site. There are also bonuses that are specifically designed to attract new players to a site. Here, we will discuss the different types of bonuses and rewards one can expect to see when they choose the best casinos online.

The gambling experience will almost always start with a welcome bonus. This is usually a match bonus where players can get 100% or more on their deposit. Many online casinos offer a single bonus, but newer online casinos are offering tiered bonuses, where players can earn match rewards on multiple initial deposits. This increase the overall amount of free cash that can be earned, but will require more of a commitment from the player. Match bonuses will have a maximum value and will also have a wagering requirement in place and this must be met before any bonus winnings can be withdrawn from the casino account.

After players have redeemed the initial welcome offer, they will find that the best online casinos will have ongoing bonuses that can be redeemed. One of these is a reload bonus. This is quite similar to the match bonus, though it will not offer the 100% in bonus funds. Reload bonuses are designed to reward those that make frequent deposits to their casino account. Like the welcome offer, there will be maximum value as well a wagering requirements.

The Free Spins Offer

Another type of bonus that can be beneficial is a free spin offer. This is great for those that love to access the slots that are offered online and with free spins, players will not deplete their bankroll. Many sites will combine their welcome match bonus with a set of free spins and most sites will offer special free spin bonuses when a new slot game is being released. Free spins are a great way to enjoy some of the hottest slot games online and these can lead to the collection of some massive payouts as well.

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There are many other types of bonuses and promos that will be features, offering the chance to get cash back on losses, collect tickets for cash and prize drawings and much more. The offering of deals will also be updated on the Promotions page of the casino site, so be sure to check this out in a regular basis. Every casino bonus that is featured will have terms and conditions. Here, players will learn of any wagering requirements in place and will also earn about game restrictions if there are any.

With the offering of casino bonuses and promos, players who frequent an online casino will always have some great ways to instantly boost their account balance just for being a loyal player at the site. In addition, players will also benefit from Loyalty Rewards, where they will earn points for every cash wager placed. These points can later be redeemed for free casino cash and other items that will benefit any real money player that has an active account at the site.

How to Choose a Casino Site

Choosing a casino site has much to do with personal preference, but there are some general things that should also be considered. Those that will be playing for real money will want to ensure their safety and security when they conduct any type of transaction, so it is essential for the casino to offer these measures. Every online casino that is considered should be licensed and regulated by a recognized and respected jurisdiction. The most popular include areas in the UK, but some of the best sites can also be licensed in other areas, such as The Netherlands, Canada and in other countries. A licensed online casino will always have to adhere to local gambling laws, so players will know they will have some form of protection when they are playing real money games.

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Another thing to look at when choosing the best casinos online is the offered payment methods. Each site will have different ways in which players can deposit and withdraw. The best sites will offer a large assortment of options, which will include credit and debit cards, ewallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers. It is also important to make sure local currencies are supported, which can eliminate the need to convert currencies when playing.

The Customer Service of the Site

Players will also want to make sure there is 24 hour customer support offered. The best sites will always offer professional support services in multiple ways. The best way to make use of customer support is through live chat. This will offer an instant connection with a representative so that players can get fast answers and solutions to any problems they may encounter. While live chat is important, the site should also offer email and phone support as alternatives.

Each online casino will have something different to offer in terms of games and bonus options. When making a selection, players should try to test the sites by playing free games and take time to examine the Promotions page to learn about different offers presented as well as the loyalty program. The device the site is accessed through will also be a concern. Not every software provider will have compatible software, so if a site required a download, chances are, Mac users will not be able to access games. Luckily, most of the newer online casinos are using a combination of software providers, which means that the games are all being offered as instant play games, making sites easily accessible for desktop as well as Mac users. Instant play casinos can also be accessed using a mobile device, so these are definitely at the top of the list when making a selection.

Since every player will have different needs and likes, taking time to compare sites is essential. What may be best for one player will not meet the needs of others. In some cases, it may be beneficial to have multiple accounts at different sites, allowing players to always have access to a huge array of games at all times.