Shock to the System Poker Companion

This game will sort the piss artists from the poker pro’s.
Dealer, blind buttons and rule cards are all wired up to wristbands that chuck you a cheeky electric shock for any weak poker etiquette.
 Your hand goes anywhere near that rule card? ZAP!  

You take too long putting in your blind? ZING!  You’re going down.

Oh, and it contains a controller for setting the level of the shock. Just for lolz the host holds on to that to dial up the drama with a little sly voltage whenever they feel like the game needs it.

Things just got interesting.

What is the concept?

Any poker player worth their buy-in knows that a slow poke is no joke.  We’ve all met a Rule Card Ronny who wants to regulate the fun. You know the type. He’s saying “I just want to check something” and making excuses about his dilly-dallying because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Maybe your mate is more of a dithering Danny? You know the ones… Agonising for ages over their first bet like Bambi out there crying for his mummy in the woods.

What makes them this way? We don’t know. And more importantly, we don’t care. You want to your game to be on fire not smothered by a wet blanket.

You don’t need those amateur dramatics when you’re a pro. That’s what this game is for… to sort the con men from the contenders.  


How does it work?

Every player gets his or her own wristband. Dealer and blind buttons are all wired up, as are the rule cards. There’s a controller to decide the level of shock. Oh, and the host keeps hold of it to buzz you for bringing down the mood at any point. The makers of this game know the nonsense you face. And we’re done with it.

Am I reading this correctly? Yes my friend.

I’ll get an electric shock if I’m too slow? Yes mate, you scared?

Surely that’s a bit dangerous? It is if you play badly…


What’s in the box?

  • 6 shock wristbands
  • 3 buttons – 1 dealer, 1 big blind, 1 small blind.
  • 6 rule cards
  • 6 shock rule card holders
  • 1 shocker remote control
  • DC charger

Whether you play at a real casino or an online casino (like Casumo), you can get an edge over your opponent with this handy little device 😉