Casingdom interviewed 2000 Brits and found that people with the names David and Kate are considered the luckiest in Britain!

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Respondents were asked whether they thought themselves as lucky and this revealed a clear North-South divide. London was the luckiest city in the UK. Meanwhile Glasgow has the highest number of people saying that they have bad luck. There were some cities which bucked this divide with 1 in 5 Geordies saying they had good luck.

Here are the questions and results of Casingdom’s survey below, make sure you you click on the drop down menu to checkout the results in your city and to compare cities or even age groups to see who is the luckiest!



Q6 – Could you tell us about a time you were lucky and what happened?

For this question we received hundreds of stories. Here are the highlights:

A few days before Christmas (years ago), Found a wad of cash in the road. My friend and I picked it up, back at her house we counted it £600. Seemed it was someones Christmas bonus. A lot of money at the time. We handed it in at Police Station, were interviewed we both had the impression the Police were surprised we handed the money in. At the end of February had a call from the Police asking us to go to station. A time was agreed on arrival we were handed the money on production of the paperwork we had been given. The local press were there to do an interview with us, we split the money, we both gave £100 to a charity we supported.

A boyfriend lost a treasured cufflink I had given him somewhere between Waterloo station and Guildford. On the return trip we called in at the lost property office. An official pulled down one of many boxes containing thousands of cufflinks and, though they were all mixed and undated, the first one he put his hand on was the right one.

A few weeks ago my son asked my wife to buy some birdseed in town. As she passed Ladbrokes they handed her a £1 off voucher for the Irish Lottery. I put the bet on and it won us £1,300. If my son had not asked my wife to get birdseed she would not have passed by Ladbrokes and we would not have placed the bet. That is what I call luck!

A pension I thought was closed, paid me a lump sum of £10,000

A terrorist attack at JFK airport last summer.  Everyone including airport staff thought and acted as though it was a terrorist attack for 2 hours and my family and myself thought our last moments had come.  It turned out not to be so I count myself lucky that it wasn’t and that  I lived to tell the tale.

As a child I was run over by a coal delivery lorry. The wheels went either side of me and I was unharmed. I have had several near misses since then and it is pure luck that I am still alive.