Gambling on Geeks Gold – Watching Super Geeks Get Rich


James, Author

Instead of gambling on slot sites people are gambling on Bitcoin and this has created a new set of millionaires. This group is visualised in the video above – its a visual representation of the Github repository for Bitcoin, in other words the source code that made people rich. Each dot is a file in the source code, and each line connecting the dots is a folder. Then the developers are hovering around the code committing new code to the repository Watch as the date across the top starts in 2009 and see how the project develops to this day.

At the start of the video Bitcoin is worthless, at the end its worth nearly $20k per coin. You can see Satoshi Nakamoto hovering around the project at the very start of the video too!

Bitcoin Casino ChipsThe real identity of Satoshi is unknown, but whoever they are, they’ve made a fortune! Recently Bitcoin started trading on both the CBOE and CME futures exchanges in America which marks a real turning point in the history of Bitcoin as an accepted currency by the established financial community.

When playing on slot sites most of the time wins come in streaks, and of course you are always playing against the house edge!  Bitcoin is also a gamble. The problem with the currency is that at the moment it doesn’t represent a stable form of value. ie as a currency it fluctuates sometimes 20% in a day!

But those prepared to take the risks will reap the rewards. As with everything we do at Casingdom, we promote responsible gambling, and so it makes sense to invest what you can afford to lose in Bitcoin. Some people are reckless and have taken out mortgages to buy more Bitcoin. Don’t be this person who gambles everything only for the bubble to burst.

Besides, there are a lot more cryptocurrencies in the short term that look more promising and technically advanced than the original. If you can get there before the crowd does, perhaps you’ll be sitting on your own pot of Geeks Gold?

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