Twin Spin Slot


An Action Slot You Will Love – Twin Spin Slot

If you love fast action slots, then you simply can’t miss Twin Spin slot. That’s because, as the name suggests, Twin Spin synchronizes 2 adjacent reels in every single spin. What’s more, the reels can then even expand into triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet reels, which increases your chances of winning massively. It is a slot experience unlike any other, so make sure to try it as soon as you can!

Developed by NetEnt, this classic slot provides action that cannot be found in traditional land-based casinos. It has long been a favorite among action players that just find single reel slots too boring. Besides the unique reel layout, this slot features a massive 1000-coin jackpot that is activated when 5 diamond symbols appear on an active payline. Speaking of paylines, this game has a whopping 243 of them! If you can’t get your fix for fast action slots with Twin Spin, then you probably can’t get it anywhere.

Besides the fast action, the game also features a very sleek design with beautiful graphics. This comes as no surprise to players who are familiar with games from NetEnt. Almost all of their games are very well designed, and this one is no exception. The symbols and buttons are rather classic, without an exotic theme or fancy animated symbols. Nonetheless, Twin Spin looks incredibly sexy. And anyways, here, it’s all about the action. And because the design is simple and classic, you can focus all of your attention on the 2,3,4 or even 5 synchronized reels.

The verified payout rate for players of the Twin Spin slot is a sensational 96.6%. You can bet between 1 and 10 coins per line, and the coin denominations can range from $0.01 and $0.5 in value. With 243 paylines, this means you can bet a staggering 2,430 coins in a single game. This makes Twin Spin perfect for high rollers who have their sights on the highest possible payouts. In case you’re wondering what that maximum payout is, be prepared to be blown away: you can win an incredible 270,000 coins in a single game!

Slot Theme and Symbols

The theme of Twin Spin can best be described as a classic Vegas slot. It uses poker symbols like A, K, Q, J and 10, as well as cherries, gold bars, 7s and bells. There is also a wild symbol, which is simply the word “WILD” written out in a nice banner. Twin Spin doesn’t use fancy exotic symbols and will be a favorite among players who are looking for that traditional casino feeling.

Despite the classic theme, the visuals of Twin Spin don’t have to hide behind other slot games you can find online. The graphics are in sleek high definition and are wonderfully clear. The reels are laid out in front of a dark blue background that has green, purple and blue laser beams running from the middle to the edges. The symbol colors are well coordinated and appealing to the eye.

Once a winning combination is made, the relevant symbols are highlighted by a background of glowing yellow dots and a nice animation of lines of glowing dots encases them. If the wild symbol is part of a winning combination, its letters start blinking and jumping up and down. And to highlight the twin reel feature, whenever two or more reels are synchronized, they turn red and are encased in golden dotted lines. It is all beautifully made and provides just the right level of animation without ever distracting from the action.

The soundtrack of the Twin Spin Slot

The soundtrack of Twin Spin is an homage to classic, low-key funk. It won’t make you scream out in excitement, but that’s what the jackpot is for anyways. Even if you spend hours playing this game, you won’t get bored of the soundtrack. It just keeps going and the reels keep on spinning. The sound effects make you feel like they’re taken straight from a real slot machine out of a real casino. There is a satisfying “clunk” every time the symbols fall into place. And once triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet reels appear or a big win is created, the special occasion is marked by a nice extra sound effect.

All in all, there is nothing to complain about with Twin Spin. The graphics as well as the sounds are beautifully designed and go very well together. Players looking for a more exotic theme might be disappointed, but real Vegas slot players will feel right at home.

How to Play for Free and Real Money

If you’re new to slots or just want to try out the features of Twin Spin or make sure you approve of the reel layout or the design and graphics, then you’ll be pleased to know that it can be played for free at almost any online casino that offers the game (which is almost any casino out there). All you’ll need to do is create an account and you’ll be ready to spin the reels (and in some casinos you don’t even have to register to play for free). While you won’t be able to earn any real money payouts, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game’s features and to learn about which symbols will create the biggest bonuses.

If you’re looking to win some real money, then rest assured that the Twin Spin slot won’t disappoint. It offers betting options for all players, from beginners looking to play for cheap, to high rollers whose goal is to score big. All you need to do is register a real-money account on any casino site that features NetEnt games, make a deposit and place your bets (and if it’s your first time playing on that site, make use of a big welcome bonus along the way).

The minimum betting amount is 1 coin per payline. You can set the coin denomination from $0.01 to a maximum of $0.50 per coin. That means that the minimum betting amount is only $0.01 per payline, making Twin Spin an affordable choice for beginners that want to get a taste of slot action before wagering too much money.

High rollers don’t have to worry though, they are definitely catered for as well here. With the ability to bet 10 coins per payline and a maximum denomination of $0.50 per coin, the maximum betting amount per payline is a staggering $5. There aren’t many slots out there who offer better action for players who are looking for the maximum payouts.

As most other slots, Twin Spin features an autoplay option. Just set the amount of spins, lean back and watch the action unfold. You can set autoplay to 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 consecutive spins. And if you still have some gamble left in you after that, you can just run it again from the beginning. Of course, you can stop the autoplay feature at any point by simply hitting the stop button. The game will also slow down whenever a big win is created, giving you time to count your winnings and take a breath before the action resumes.

Slot info

Software provider

Game Features

Min coins per line1
Max coins per line10
Min coins size0.01
Max coin size0.5
Return to player96.6%

Available Payouts in Twin Spin Slot

The payouts for the Twin Spin slot can be substantial if you hit the right combinations of symbols. The lowest paying symbols are the poker icons. Any winning combination of three or more 9, 10 or J symbols will pay between 3 and 25 coins (three of each of these symbols will pay out 3 coins, four will pay 10 coins and 5 will pay 25 coins). For Qs, Ks and As, these amounts go up to between 4 and 40 coins. However, the real money comes from hitting the special symbols. Cherries and bells will pay between 10 and 250 coins while the BAR symbol will pay between 15 and 400 coins. If you’re lucky enough to hit three or more 7s or diamonds, you are in for one big payout. 7s pay between 30 and 500 coins, while diamonds, the highest paying symbol in Twin Spin, pay out between 50 and 1000 coins.

There is also a wild symbol that can be used to replace any of the other symbols and will often lead to some truly astonishing wins. There are no scatter symbols but that really doesn’t matter too much, with all the extra value you get from the synchronized reels.

The Special Feature: Twin Reels

After covering the payouts, it’s time to explain the game’s special feature that Twin Spin derives its name from. It is truly unique and creates some fast and awesome action. Here’s how it works:

With every single spin, at least 2 of the 5 reels are locked together and synchronized. This means that they will show the exact same symbols. In case you’re wondering if you’ve heard that correctly, rest assured. Because at least 2 reels are always synchronized, you are already guaranteed 2/3 of a winning combination with every spin. All you need to do is collect another of the same symbol on an adjacent reel and you will already receive a payout.

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Every once in a while, 3 reels are synchronized, which means that you are already guaranteed a payout for that spin. And of course (for reasons of probability), this makes hitting 4 or 5 symbols that much easier.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough already, you also have a chance to hit quadruple or quintuple reels. These already guarantee the maximum payout for each of the matched symbols. And of course you already know what happens if you manage to hit quintuple reels filled with diamonds: Jackpot baby!