Privacy Policy


We make it a point to respect and protect your privacy regarding any and all information that is shared with this site.

Any information that may be collected will be stored confidentially and will never be shared, sold or traded to other sites or online parties. We strive to present the safest experience and will protect all information that is shared. This can include personal information such as email addresses, full names, phone numbers and residential addresses.

Since this site does focus on online gaming information, it is restricted to adult access and the site will log the IP address and the browser details when visiting. This will be used to track the amount of traffic being directed to the site from various search engines and this information will help us to better serve you as a player and offer enhanced services.


In some cases, non-personal information may be shared with a third party advertising company for statistical purposes only. All in-house advertising programs will adhere to this same privacy policy. A few of the shown advertisements on the site may come from a third party, in which the IP address, cookies and browsing activities may be collected.

This privacy policy covers every visitor to the site and we reserve the right to change or alter the policy at any time. It will be the responsibility of every user to check the Privacy policy page frequently to see if changes have been made. By continuing to access the site, you will agree to the terms of the policy.

As a site that promotes online casino activities, the protection of personal information is crucial for my players which is why we take all steps to ensure the safety of all visitors and take the steps to ensure that privacy is always protected.