Popularity of Live Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular games found at casino sites and these games attract players from all over the world and of all skill levels. The great thing about playing poker games online is the large variety of games that are featured. In land casinos, players will only have a few games that are offered, but online, there is no limit to physical space, so sites are able to offer many more variations.

Live poker

Online poker continues to grow in popularity and with online casino sites and poker rooms, there are always great options for those that wish to play these games for real money. Not only can players engage in single games with other players, but they will also find online sites that feature live dealer games as well as tournaments.

Online Poker for Free or Cash Wagers

When playing poker online, players will have many choices, one being whether they play the game for free or for real money. Free poker games are a great way to get started and they can offer benefits to any players. The majority of operating online casinos will have multiple versions of poker available and each of these will have different rules. By playing the game for free, players can take the time they need to learn these rules and master many variations of the game before they wager a single cent.

Free poker games also provide players with the chance to learn and develop new game strategies that can help them when they do start to play for real money. While the free games will not offer any monetary gains while playing, they are useful tools that are used on a daily basis by new and experienced players.

Once a player has learned a poker variation and is comfortable with all rules and gameplay, they can start to bet real money on the game. Online casinos support many different betting options to cater to players with any casino budget. Games will have a minimum and maximum bet amount, so those looking to bet will have the ability to place wagers that suit their needs. Many sites also have VIP or high roller poker games, where top bets are placed to collect some of the highest possible pot payouts online.

Real money players have the advantage of being able to cash in on any poker bonus that is being offered at a site. These bonuses can award free cash that can extend the playing session and can help players get more games under their belts. With the free bonus cash that can be earned through these offers, players can generate real money payouts. However, they must be aware of any wagering requirements in place with the redeemed bonus as these will have to be met prior to withdrawing winnings from the account.

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Online Poker Tournaments

One of the appealing aspects of playing poker online is the offering of poker tournaments at many leading sites. With tournaments, there is usually a buy in amount, where players pay a certain amount to receive a stack of chips. Some tournaments will allow players to buy more chips, but this is not always an option. Players will then play in the tournament until they have no more chips or is the last player remaining with all of the chips. As tournaments progress, so does the level of play. 

When it comes to the type of poker tournament being played, players will have many different options. These will vary based on the site that has been selected, but players will often find that online casinos and poker rooms offer a good variety of events that are hosted on a regular basis. The types of tournaments played may come across include:

• Freezeout Tournaments – This is a standard event where players buy-in and play until they have no more chips. Payouts will go to the top 10% or 15% of players that have entered.

• Sit & Go Events – These are very popular and they have no scheduled start time. They will begin when all seats have been filled. Most of these events have between 1 and 20 tables that are active and the number of players will vary.

• Satellite Tournaments – These are very appealing to experienced players as they can earn an entry to another larger tournament online or in a live setting, such as the European Poker Tour or the WSOP.

• Guaranteed Tournaments – With these, there is a guaranteed prize amount that can be won and this will vary from one site to another. These tournaments are great for players looking to win a certain amount of cash as they play. The prize pool is guaranteed no matter how many players have entered the tourney.

• Freeroll Tournaments – With these, there are no entry fees, so they are quite common with beginner tournament players. The events can offer cash payouts or some will present players with casino points or entries to other events that are being hosted. The fact that there is no financial risk to the player is what will appeal to most new poker players online.

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Leading Poker Variations Found Online

Online casinos have the ability to offer players access to many variations of the game and there are some sites that have 5 or more offerings of poker. Each site will have different games that are hosted based on the software that is being used. Here, we offer a brief overview of some of the most popular types of games that can be found and enjoyed online. These can all be played for real money and many sites will also provide access to free versions, which are great for beginners trying to learn new variations of the game.

Texas Hold Em

Texas Hold Em is one of the most played versions of poker and it can be found at leading casino sites. This game is the game that is played at the World Series of Poker and it consists of each player getting two hole cards that are dealt face down. These cards are used with five community cards to create the best ranking poker hand. The first three community cards are referred to as the flop, followed by the turn as the fourth card and the river as the fifth. Players will have betting rounds before the flop, turn, river and after the river. The player that is able to create the best hand using one or both of their hole cards and three to four community cards.

Omaha Poker

With Omaha Poker, players will be dealt four cards instead of two hole cards as with Texas Hold Em. Players will have to use two of those four cards to create their hand using three community cards. The betting rounds are just like with Texas Hold Em, but the strong hands differ. With online casinos, Omaha Poker is a popular option and it can be played as a Pot Limit or No Limit game.

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Seven Card Stud

Up until a few years ago, Seven Card Stud was the most played form of poker until Texas Hold Em was introduced. With stud poker, players will start with two cards down and one face up. The betting will begin with the player that has the lowest valued card revealed. There will be a round of betting following every dealt card and the goal is to end up with the top ranking hand. The main difference is that there are no community cards that are being used when playing stud games.

Five Card Draw

This version of poker is not as common as the other variations, but there are still some online casinos that feature the game. It is seldom offered as a live dealer poker option. This is a very simple version of poker and is often played for fun instead of for high payouts. Players will start with five cards and can draw from the deck to create the best hand possible. There will be rounds of betting before and after the draw.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is a fun filled game that is found at almost every operating casino site that offers poker games. When the game starts, players will make a wager and will also have the chance to place a $1 side bet to win progressive payouts. Players will then get five cards, all face down. A single dealer card will be face up. Players then choose to fold or raise and the dealer will reveal the remaining cards. The dealer hand must qualify with a King and Ace or better. If the dealer does not qualify, players win even money on the ante and the raise bet will push. When the dealer qualifies, players have to have a better hand to win.

Live poker

Welcome to Live Dealer Poker

Live dealer poker takes the excitement of poker variations to a whole new level and provides online players the feeling of playing in a land casino. These live games are simulcast from a and studio or casino where live and professional dealers present the game. The games are all played in real time and offer multiple camera angles so that each and every action at the table can be seen by all players. With live dealer poker, players will also have the opportunity to engage with other players as well as the dealer through chat features.

Live dealer poker is a great way to enjoy the realism of a game while still being able to play at home. Most of the online casinos that support these games will require them to be played for real money and there are often different variations of the game supported as well as tables with various betting limits.

The games are all played in the same manner and use the same rules but there are a few things that set live dealer games apart from standard online poker games. First, players will be playing against the house only, and not against other players that are at the table. Second, the deal and all game actions are real and are never simulated. These games are not controlled by a random number generator like online games, so they offer the ability to use game strategies that may not be useful with computerized versions of poker.

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How Live Poker Games Work and Variations Offered

Live poker games make use of streaming technology and connect online players with a live dealer that presents the game from a land casino or a casino studio. The games make use of many different cameras to capture the entire table and players can see all actions from the dealer and all other players. These games are not simulated in any way and since the games use real cards that are shuffled by live dealers, there is a sense of realism like no other online poker game can offer.

When players access a live dealer casino, they will find they will have different variations of poker they can play for real money. The most popular games that are featured are Omaha and Texas Hold Em, but players will also find some sites that offer Casino Hold Em, Three Card Poker and some other variations. These are all played just as they are in a land casino setting, offering multiple betting options, great game features and the great feeling of playing a game with live players in a realistic setting.