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A Celebrity Lifestyle


Have you ever dreamed of being a star with millions of pounds? The houses in LA, the red carpet events, the casinos – they all sound pretty cool right? What if we told you that you might not have missed the boat after all?

Whether you want to be in a world-famous band or a legend in the sports arena, you’re going to need hard work and talent, and a bit of good luck for sure – but what about other, less obvious characteristics? Could stardom be in your DNA – and are certain traits more likely to lead to fame and glory than others? And what about background – does your place of birth determine your success? What about your schooling? And could it even literally be written in the stars for you in the form of your star sign?

Celebrity Traits

We’ve looked into exactly this type of thing, by taking the Forbes 100 list of the richest celebrities on the planet, in order to really get under the skin of what makes an ultimate star – from physical attributes to family backgrounds and more.

To become a celebrity you will need to have a bit of risk taking in you too, as an online casino player you probably already have this trait sorted.

Some people worship celebrities to the point where it goes beyond being a casual fan – which has been investigated at length using scales to assess celebrity adulation. In turn it evidently makes more people want to become celebrities and be adored by millions worldwide.

With celebrity comes fame and fortune. For most, fortune comes in the form of winning money by skill or luck – in casinos both online and in the real world. Which makes it more important to read genuine online casino reviews before attempting to win big!

But don’t expect celebrity status to immediately come with your big win. Science has proven that there’s more to it than that. Well, at least you may be famous amongst your friends and family at least – depending on how generous you are of course!

We have presented all findings in beautiful graph form below, so take a look – could you be a star after all?!






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